How safe are the chemicals used in weed management and plant and lawn fertilization?

The second question we hear the most after “Why are you using a truck?” (see first week’s blog) is “how safe are the chemicals you use?”  We understand the concern. First, we do ask that our customers put their pets, children and children’s toys inside. That’s because we don’t want the chemical tracked inside the house. Both pre-emergent and post-emergent are pretty fast-drying so everyone can go back outside about an hour after spraying.

Pre-emergent and post-emergent are not safe to drink, of course, but Arizona Weed Guard makes an effort to spray just the right amount chemical to obtain the desired result and not over-spray.

It’s important that whomever you use for your weed management needs, that they are fully licensed and insured and have an OPM # on their vehicle and business card. This ensures that the chemicals being used are in accordance with the State of Arizona’s safety laws and that the chemicals are EPA-approved.

When do you know to spray pre-emergent or post-emergent?

By law, Arizona Weed Guard is required to provide its customers with a description of the chemicals sprayed on their yards. You’ll see “pre-emergent” or “post-emergent” on your Arizona Weed Guard paperwork. But what does that mean?

We utilize pre-emergent to ensure that the weeds you do not see are controlled. If you see a weed plant here and there they are treated with post-emergent will take care of those existing weeds. We look at this as the one-two punch to those pesky weeds.

If you have an extensive weed issue with extremely long or numerous amounts of weed, once we have sprayed both pre and post-emergent you will need to remove the dead weeds after the pre and post-emergent have done their jobs.

So we’ve made it pretty clear that calling your weed management company earlier rather than later saves you time and money, let alone your back! You definitely don’t want to wait until you have lots of weeds in your yard.

Tell us your weekend weed warrior stories! What weeds are you seeing the most of right now?

Why all the equipment just to spray weeds?

It’s always fun to watch a first-time customer’s expression when Arizona Weed Guard’s truck pulls up to their house. Their first question is always “aren’t you going to use a spray can?” Having over 30 years of experience in weed control, trust me. We need the truck, the tank, and the hose. Here’s why.

The first and best reason is that we do a better job when we use the hose because we’re sure to cover the areas thoroughly. We’re more efficient, so we take less time and we pass that cost savings on to our customers. When spraying pre-emergent, we have to cover a lot of territory. It would take us all day with a spray can and it would be a lot more expensive for our customers.

We provide a 6 month guarantee on our spray application. That’s the longest any commercially available product can be truly effective. If a few weeds pop up and that happens, we’ll come out and do a courtesy call. That’s when we use the spray can.

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“For two seasons, Jay of Arizona Weed Guard has treated my huge crop of weeds. At one point, the weeds were pretty tall from all the early spring rains. He came to my rescue both times. He is very professional and prompt. He has several years experience and it shows! Jay thoroughly explained what the weeds were being treated with and what to expect. I highly recommend him. Thanks so Much! “

Judy Kipen, Home Owner – Phoenix, Arizona

“Arizona Weed Guard does our weed control and we are very pleased with their work. They are professional on time and listen to your needs. Arizona Weed Guard has kept those weeds under control for us. I highly recommend them. Best of all NO MORE WEEDS!!! “

Frank, Home Owner – Cave Creek, Arizona


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